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sm badsha
Apr 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
Making too many assumptions In talking with Buy Email List business owners who are thinking about selling, it's interesting to see how many Buy Email List of them are making assumptions about both the process of selling and the outcome of the sale. The skies in their world are a different color than reality when it comes to the futures of their Buy Email List businesses. For example, some plumbing company owners take for granted that a son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, or other relative will take over the business. They may have the idea that in the event Buy Email List their heirs don't want it; a group of key employees will step in to buy out the company. Or, some savvy investment group will recognize how great the business really is and snap it up. Another Buy Email List common assumption made by sellers is that the selling process is easy and quick -a handshake, a check Buy Email List and it's done. They take it for granted that there will always Buy Email List be someone looking to buy at exactly the time they decide to sell, and that the price they are asking is correct and reasonable. Unfortunately, none of these assumptions may wind up Buy Email List being true. Selling in the 21st century, with its economic flux and massively shifting demographics, is anything but simple. You can't afford to predicate your plan on assumptions based in the past. Not including Buy Email List your family in the planning process "