Strengthening Existing Skills

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Dancexercise classes at the Park

Dance Exercise class The top 10 benefits of exercise just dancing are: • Cardiovascular Benefit: Dance stimulates your blood circulation and therefore improves your whole body. Your skin will become smooth and bright. Your respiratory and cardiovascular system will also benefit from dance. • Improving your image: Dance helps drain fluids and toxins from your body and remove excess fat. It is a good way to burn calories. Fights obesity and high cholesterol levels. • Corrects bad posture: Dancing helps correct poor posture resulting from daily life, work and lack of exercise. You become more elegant and coordinated. • Strengthens your muscles: Strengthens muscle groups and increases your flexibility, your strength and your endurance. It is very good for people suffering from diseases of the bone and stiffness of joints. • Powers your coordination: Dance will improve your agility, coordination and your balance. It is a good exercise for your brain, improves your concentration and your memory. • Improves your relationships: Dancing is a great way to overcome loneliness and shyness and build new relationships. • Reduces your stress: Dance will allow you to relax and release tension. • Powers your self-esteem: Music reduces stress, anxiety and depression, as it helps you express your emotions and channels adrenaline. Dance lifts the spirit. • Dance promotes self-confidence and clarity of thought. Comfortable clothes. Most wear sports pants and t-shirt.

Shoe Fitting

One to One

We design each lesson, we offer according to my students’ abilities, and make the necessary changes once we become more familiar with their needs. If you want to learn more about this unique One-on-One Lessons, schedule a meeting today.


Ballet, Yoga, Jazz, Ballroom and hip hop for

Kids, teenagers and adults.

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